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Are You A Good Person?

“Most people believe themselves to be good. Unfortunately, they are comparing themselves against the standard of man, and not the standard of God. The day you stand before God, you are going to be judged by His standard alone. Ask yourself these questions and see how well you compare to God’s law (the 10 Commandments). Be honest with yourself and God.” Click here to keep on reading.


“It seems that in the mainstream Christian way of thinking, you are either called to evangelize or you’re not. If you aren’t, then the thinking is you should either be discipling or being discipled. The problem with the last statement is most Christians want to be discipled for 20-30 years. The church* today is encouraging this in several ways. First, and I feel foremost, is the belief that the way to get people saved is to make your church* as welcoming (seeker friendly) to the unsaved as possible and offer programs that will attract them, in the hopes that somewhere along the way they might think about spiritual things. This has resulted in a church* full of unsaved people with an extremely watered down doctrine.” Click here to keep on reading.

How Do You Make Up For This?

“Can you remember the last time you really regretted not doing something? Purchasing Wal-Mart stock in the mid 80s; choosing a different career path; learning to play a certain instrument. We all make choices (or fail to) that, in hindsight, we wish we could have a second shot at. The overwhelming percentage of these choices seem to be fairly materialistic, for the most part, and hold little eternal value in the grand scheme of things.” Click here to keep on reading.

Is That Paint On Your Hands?

“I read something the other day that made me recall an incident several years ago that had a large impact on many people here in our country. In the mid-90′s, Michael Faye, an eighteen year old American student living in Singapore, was arrested along with a couple of his buddies. They were convicted of vandalizing eighteen vehicles with spray paint during a one-night, fun-filled romp through the darkness.” Click here to keep on reading.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

“Ask a Christian what he knows about the Tower of Babel and most have an understanding that this was the event which caused God to confuse man with the language barrier. Most, though, lack understanding as to the reason He saw need to make this drastic change. Shortly after the flood, God had commanded the descendants of Noah to scatter themselves abroad and be fruitful, filling the earth. Genesis 11:4 tells us that the people following the great leader Nimrod had other plans.” Click here to keep on reading.


“Too many people now hear a “watered down” gospel. They’re told to “come to Christ, and He will give you love, joy, peace, and lasting fulfillment.” We’re told we shouldn’t use words like sin and hell, and even the cross, and that people just need to hear about love. We’re told speaking of such things as sin will only push people away. But if someone doesn’t see their sin, they won’t truly see how much they need God, or why they need to repent.”  Click here to keep on reading.

 Steve Irwin

“Tonight we watched Steve Irwin’s funeral. It was very hard to watch, as we have watched him for the last 8 years. Hannah, Rachel, and Caroline can hardly remember when he wasn’t in their lives. And in their lives he was, especially Rachel’s. She loves animals greatly, and Steve influenced that side of her. At our house we don’t kill spiders; we do “catch and release” programs. The only animals that are fair game (and Rachel would even debate one on this list) are rats, roaches, fire ants, and mosquitoes. Other than that, we pretty well co-exist. If it’s a creature we don’t want in the house, we “catch and release.” Click here to keep on reading.

Which Would You Choose?

“My sister told me recently that one day I’m going to have to write a book on my experiences as an evangelist on the streets of our country, and she’s right. I’m making an effort to log down special memories that would make such a book an encouragement to read. One of the things that I have learned through experience that I find very intriguing, and you may as well, is that the work of the evangelist that scripture speaks of in Ephesians has some work involved that is quite unexpected. The part of proclaiming the gospel to the world through any means possible certainly fits the job, as does the training of others to do the same.” Click here to keep on reading.